RAPPLS technical details

LiDAR principle - swath mapping on sea ice

LiDAR principle – swath mapping on sea ice

  • a Riegl LMS q240i 2D laser scanner
  • a Hasselblad H3D-II 50 megapixel digital camera
  • an Oxford Technical Solutions RT4003 inertial navigation system
  • an Heitronics KT-19 downward looking pyrometer
  • custom-made control and mounting systems provided by Australian Antarctic Division Science Technical Support

It has also been flown with a Nikon D1X camera, a broadband snow radar, and a microwave radiometer.

Instrument details can be found in this PDF document.

LiDAR geolocation is currently handled by the RAPPLS Java package.

Determination of boresight misalignment and LiDAR calibration is handled by TerraScan and TerraMatch. Since no calibration targets are available in the pack ice, per-installation parameters are determined during instrument test flights and applied to sea ice field data for that season.

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