Keynote addresses

We are pleased to announce the confirmed keynotes for the International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Climate.

  • Dr Nerilie Abram [ANU, Australia]
    Before satellites: reconstructing past sea ice changes using proxy record Abstract
  • Dr Hauke Flores [AWI, Germany]
    On thin ice: Sea ice – ecosystem linkages in a changing ocean. Abstract
  • Dr Ron Kwok [JPL, USA]
    Sea Ice in the Cryosphere: Trends, Observations, and Challenges Abstract
  • Prof Pat Langhorne [Univ Dunedin, New Zealand]
    The interdependency of sea ice and ice shelves Abstract
  • Dr Dirk Notz [MPI, Germany]
    How not to compare models and observations Abstract
  • Dr Don Perovich [Dartmouth, USA]
    The Changing Envionment of Arctic sea ice Abstract
  • Prof Ian Simmonds [Univ of Melbourne, Australia]
    To the two ends of the Earth: Arctic and Antarctic sea ice variability and environmental change Abstract
  • Prof Vernon Squire [Univ Dunedin, New Zealand]
    Modelling Sea-Ice System Adjustments pertaining to Marginal Ice Zone Development
    as a result of Ocean Waves
  • Dr Sharon Stammerjohn [Univ Colorado, USA]
    Interpreting Antarctic Sea Ice Change Abstract
  • Dr Martin Vancopponolle [LOCEAN, France]
    Sea Ice and the Biogeochemistry of Ice-Covered Oceans Abstract