Ann. Glac. 56(69)


The Council of the International Glaciological Society has decided to publish a thematic issue of the Annals of Glaciology on topics consistent with the Symposium themes. Participants and non-participants alike are encouraged to submit manuscripts for this issue. All papers will be refereed and edited according to the Society’s regular high standards before being accepted for publication.

Event Date
Papers due 20th Dec 2013
Final revised papers due 14th Apr 2014


  • Manuscripts are due at the IGS office in Cambridge no later than 20th December 2013.
    Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the IGS office by their Author portal. Authors who are unable to submit their paper electronically need to contact the IGS Secretary General.
  • Papers will be refereed according to the full standards of the Society before being accepted for publication. The scientific editors will probably reject the following types of paper: field or data reports; descriptions of work in progress without preliminary results and conclusions; descriptions of models or theory without any results; descriptions of future research or future projects; preliminary results without any interpretation.  Abstracts alone will not be published.
  • Papers should be prepared in accordance with the instructions sent to authors with the abstract acceptance notification (see below). Final papers, which have been submitted and accepted by the Editorial Board following review, will be published in the Annals of Glaciology volume 56, issue 69.
  • Final, revised versions of papers and original art work must be submitted to IGS via their Author portal by 14 April 2014. Timely publication of the Annals of Glaciology will depend upon strict adherence to deadlines.
  • Instructions to authors for Annals of Glaciology

    All instruction for preparation of manuscripts for the submission to the Annals of Glaciology can be found here.

    Some quick information – to be viewed with the IGS instructions – can be found here.

    Papers submitted should be:

    • Of high scientific quality;
    • Original and not otherwise submitted work of the authors;
    • Complete and clear;
    • Relevant to topic of symposium;
    • Substantially different from previously published work; and
    • Written in English.

    Review process

    Papers will be assessed by a Scientific Editor and two referees who will recommend one of the following:
    • Acceptance
    • Acceptance after minor revision by author
    • Acceptance only after major revision and re-review
    • Rejection
    The Scientific Editor will discuss any modifications to the text, figures and references required with the attending author during the symposium. The Scientific Editor will inform authors when a manuscript is accepted for publication.

    The author will then provide IGS with electronic versions of the final text and figures.

    Authors will be sent a proof of the final version of your text and illustrations to check and correct. Any substantial alterations made at this stage to be paid for by the authors.

    General points

    • Title should be concise
    • Please do not use Hypertext
    • Abstract should be less than 200 words
    • Papers should be divided into unnumbered sections with short section headings
    • Use SI units
    • Use internationally recognized systems of abbreviation
    • Illustrations should
      • be 1 or 2 column widths: up to 85 mm or up to 178 mm
      • not be in boxes
      • use strong black lines (avoid tinting if possible)
      • use SI units in labels
      • use Optima, Arial or a similar sans serif font in labels
    • Equations should
      • be set in MathType or advanced equation editor if using Word
      • NOT be embedded in the text
      • NOT be submitted as illustrations
    • Tables should be
      • numbered in Arabic;
      • referred to in text (as ‘Table 1’ etc)
    • All citations in text should include the author name(s) and the year of publication (e.g. ‘Smith, 1999’; ‘Smith and Jones, 2000’; ‘Smith and others, 2003’) and must have an entry in the reference list.
    • References list should
      • Be short;
      • Be complete and accurate;
      • Be arranged in alphabetical order by first author’s surname;
      • Include too much rather than too little information;
      • Include works accepted but not published as ‘in press’
      • Not include personal communications, unpublished data or
        manuscript in preparation or submitted for publication, data published
        on the web (these should be included in the text)

    For full instructions please refer to the IGS instructions.