SIPEX2012 workshop

The Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystems Experiment 2012 was an Australian-led voyage to East Antarctica during September-November 2012. Combining several research projects focusing on the physics, bio-geochemistry and ecology as well as atmospheric processes in the sea ice zone, the voyage followed a multi-disciplinary research approach. This 2-day workshop aims to bring voyage participants together to present new data analyses and facilitate cross-disciplinary discussions.

The primary goals of the workshop are to

  • provide an opportunity to present and discuss SIPEX 2012 data products and analyses across disciplines,
  • update SIPEX 2012 datasets with the Australian Antarctic Data Centre, and
  • finalise a list of papers for a planned special volume on “East Antarctic sea ice physics and ecosystem processes”.
  • While the workshop is primarily targeted at the SIPEX 2012 community, other researchers interested in East Antarctic sea ice zone processes are invited to attend.

    If you consider participation in the workshop please contact:
    Dr Klaus Meiners
    (Australian Antarctic Division and Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre)