Travel support for young scientists

UPDATE: 2013-11-28: The outcome of the travel award determination has been communicated to applicants.

Limited support to contribute towards cost of registration fees, travel, accommodation etc. for IGS’ sea-ice symposium in Hobart (10 – 14 March 2014) will be available to students or those recently graduated. Please note that this funding will not cover the participants full travel and related costs, but instead will provide seed funding for them to attract additional funding towards their attendance at the IGS 2014 Sea-Ice Symposium. The seed funding will likely be directed to providing affordable (hostel-type) accommodation, and to contribute to (but unlikely to fully cover) travel or registration expenses.

Application deadline:
Thursday, 21 November 2013 (23:59 UT)

Awards announced:
Thursday, 28 November 2013
Those submitting an application in response to this call for travel seed funding may request for a short extension for their registration before the late penalty is applied.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Being currently a Master’s or PhD student or having graduated after 2010. Outstanding undergraduates with Polar Research experience are also eligible.
  • Having an abstract accepted for the IGS 2014 Sea-Ice Symposium. Those not presenting at the symposium itself but at one of the associated side meetings may also be considered for seed funding.
  • Required application information:
    Please email all information in a single PDF file to Petra. Follow the filename convention: “IGS2014_TravelSupport_LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.pdf”

  • Full name and full contact details.
  • Current academic status (including year of expected completion, if applicable). For those already graduated, please provide your current employment status (including position title) and the year of your graduation.
  • Name and contact (email) details of Faculty Advisor/Work Supervisor.
  • 1 page CV including country of birth and of citizenship, gender, any degrees, publications or awards.
  • Abstract number and title of any accepted for the IGS 2014 Sea-Ice Symposium.
  • Listing of any side meetings you plan to attend.
  • Summary of your motivation to attend this symposium, including how this attendance will further your career and how you plan to grasp any opportunities.
  • Dates of first and last night of accommodation required in Hobart.
  • Quote or honest estimate of travel cost.
  • Acceptance conditions:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Provide receipts for any expense claimed.
  • No later than the end of the symposium provide the organizers with your banking information on a form to be provided.
  • Provide the conference organizers with a short video in the format of CliC’s Frostbytes by Monday, 03 March 2014. These videos may be showcased during the Sea-Ice Symposium or its side events, and may be submitted into the CliC Frostbytes archieve. Tips and guidelines on the production of these videos will be provided.
  • On request, take on tasks to assist during the IGS 2014 Sea-Ice Symposium.
  • Successful applicants must notify the Travel Awards Programme of their acceptance within 10 days of receiving notification.