Fast rate repetition fluorometer (FRRF)


AAS Project 4008

Principal Investigator: Andrew McMinn

Onboard: Rob Johnson, Tom Coad, and Russell Ayers

We will be deploying a new, new generation FRRF on SIPEX2. This exciting instrument is able to measure in situ primary production every second. It ill be deployed both  in the water column and under the ice to determine rates of primary production and photosynthesis by phytoplankton during early spring.

Primary production is the most fundamental of all biological measurements as it underpins and determines biological responses at every other level in the food web. In the past primary production could only be measured using radioactive tracers and lengthy incubations in bottles. The FRRF method allows high frequency, instantaneous, real time measurements and these are done in situ with no handling.

Our measurements will provide vital data on biological activity at this pivitol time of year. The FRRF will be deployed independantly, but at each time the CTD is deployed. It will be also be lowered beneath the ice and left there all day to measure diurnal primary production close to the underside of the ice. Rob Johnson, an IMAS PhD student is responsible for this work.

Rob Johnson

Andrew McMinn