Role of Sea ice as a natural ocean fertilizer


AAS Project 4051

Principal Investigators: Delphine Lannuzel and Andrew Bowie 

Onboard: Anne-Julie Cavagna, Christina Schallenberg, Fanny Chever, Julie Janssens,  and Arnout Roukaerts

Antarctic sea ice is known to store key micronutrients, such as iron as well as a suite of less studied trace metals in winter, which are rapidly released in spring. This stimulates ice edge phytoplankton blooms which drive the biological removal of climatically-important gases like carbon dioxide. By linking the distribution of iron and other trace elements to the cycles of carbon, nitrogen and silicon in the sea ice zone in spring, this project will identify their biogeochemical roles in the seasonal ice zone and how this may change with predicted climate-driven perturbations.

Dr Andrew Bowie

Dr Anne-Julie Cavagna

Dr Veronique Schoemann

Dr Pier van der Merwe